You don’t know these casino games, you bet!

Roulette, blackjack, who doesn’t know them? But there are also unique, unknown casino games. Do you know, for example, Banca Francesa or La Boule…?

If you’ve ever been to Yoju casino mobile or one of the legal online casinos, you’ve probably played roulette. Or blackjack. Or at least you have watched it.

Almost everyone knows those famous, popular pokies, of course. Like poker and baccarat – if only from the James Bond films.

Banca Francesa

Banca Francesa is a popular pokie in Portugal. It is played with dice, just like craps.

The table looks similar to baccarat: semicircular, with a green cloth and two boxes where players place their bets.

But instead of cards, there are three dice on the table.

Want to know how Banca Francesa is played and what the rules are? Read all about Banca Francesa.

La Boule

La Boule is a unique casino game, which, like roulette, originates from France – how could it be otherwise with a name like that?

La Boule is a straightforward form of roulette. A giant bouncing ball has replaced the well-known roulette ball; hold on to your hat. Also, there is no spinning disk but a roulette scale, which stands still…

Want to know more about this poor man’s roulette? Go to the article about La Boule.


Have you ever heard of the famous card game faro? Yoju guesses: probably not.

And yet this game was for a long time the most popular gambling game in the United States. Even the famous adventurer and writer Casanova liked to play it.

Learning to play Faro is very easy. You play with one complete deck of 52 cards. Read all about the game faro.

Casino War

War is the English name for the card game ‚war‘ or ‚card spinning.‘

You are sitting at your living room table with a friend and in front of you is a deck of cards. You both turn over a card—first your opponent and then you.

And then? The one with the highest card wins.

This straightforward game is also available in a casino version: Casino War.

Casino Solitaire

Solitaire is undoubtedly not an unknown card game. If only because this game was a standard installation on every Windows computer for many years.

Less well-known is that you can also play solitaire for money. Not at Holland Casino; it would be too labor-intensive to arrange 52 cards neatly into seven piles for one player at a time.

You can find this game in several online casinos under the name Casino Solitaire.


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